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Robert Pattison

was far better looking in Goblet of Fire. He just looks freaky now, and a little aged. Still, at least he looks like the type that would stalk and manipulate a teenaged girl. I'd say fine acting, but I'm not so sure it's just acting.

Twilight: Eclipse.

 The new Twilight film has arrived....

Over at Gallifrey Base's film forum someone commented that they should make DW as good as this bloody film - delusional much. Wouldn't you just switch off? Know I would.

I was recently asked what I would do if I were in Volterra as it is in the movie - I'd bloody hired some of Buffy Summer's Slayer Army and kick there shiny butts and give them a really taste of real vamps.

But you know, I will go and watch this piece of crap just so I can complain about it, because it is an affront to TRUE cult vamps and werewolves.

Can Yourself Fans, then Bow Out Gracefully.

 I don't normally write about this sort of thing. I don't really follow sport, but every two years I get spurred to watch international football as England play in either the Euro's or the World Cup (which I'm sure no one has missed is going on at the moment.)

Yesterday, England were knocked out of the Cup by old rivals Germany. England hates Germany on the pitch, they always have done, probably to start with a lot of resentment over the War, perhaps, back on the first Christmas day of WWI the Germans won the match (for those of you who didn't know, when fighting stopped for Christmas Day in the trenches in the first year of WWI, the English and the Germans climbed up to No Man's Land and had a footie match). Regardless of the reason for the hate is very intense - the Germans aren't hateful towards us, but the English are just nasty bastards.

England hasn't had much success over the years against the Germans, we've lost to them rather a few times when it really mattered in either the World Cup or Euro Championships. Often this has lead to fighting, mainly the English starting on innocent German fans. Back in '96, when we were hosting the Euro Championships, we lost the Semi's to Germany on penalties - Southgates Ball was caught, and Seaman couldn't catch a thing. It was a close call. That night, an old school friend of my hubby's went out and stabbed a man. He though the man was German, he was Russian and he nearly died. 

Yesterday, hundreds of fans set upon a lone German fan in Leicester Square after losing the match. It's disgusting behaviour. It's not the German fans fault that the English Team are bunch of over paid half wits that can't come together to make a country proud. I don't know what it is about the England team, it's like there is too much animosity at Premier Team Level that stops these guys, who apparently are the best of the best, from gelling together and forming a team. Go to Brazil and take some lessons, hell, even take a look at our Rugby Team. Last Rugby World Cup they were Runner's Up after losing the final and the Cup before that Champions. 

The match yesterday was nothing short of a car crash for 'top international team' England, as they were pounded 4-1 by our German friends. Yes, we had a dodgy disallowed goal - it really should have been allowed but it wasn't but no matter, the England team should have, after half time come on the pitch and worked over time. Instead they didn't.

My man of the Cup for the English side has been Goalkeeper David James, who didn't play in the first match, but was brought on after Rob Green seemed to have butter fingers - he might as well have thrown the ball into the goal in the USA match. James put up one hell of a fight, and no Keeper is perfect. I don't care that he missed these goals - personally I still think he did a damn good job on the pitch yesterday despite the Germany win. 

Now, I've said this on a few forums and people have said why?? He let four goals in. 

Yes, but the point of the defence players is that they should be there holding up the strikers on the other team, giving support to there Keeper. Just look at the goals scored, the defence were half way back up the pitch having to run full pelt because they all wanted to be in there for a goal. That leaves James on his own and he has to make a decision - left or right, leap or dive, kick or catch. He can't get it right every single time. James is still a good keeper, he held his ground and never strayed massively from his area.

Then you get the people bleating on that it's Cappello's fault. Really, is it, well, in those times that Germany were looking to score, Cappello was on the side line telling his defence to get back down the pitch. They were out right ignoring him. 

At the end of the day, England is a terrible, sloppy team that, if it continues the way it has been going we'll soon be the team that everyone else laughs at like North Korea. They were boo'd off there Algeria match, and do you know why, because that team are a poor representative for this country, as are some of the fans. 

I'm English, and usually, I'm proud of that fact, we have a great many good things here, but yesterday I was ashamed to be English. We invented football, but we just looked like we learnt it yesterday. Fan's started getting into fights with German Fans in London (well, they weren't going to do it in SA - the police would just volley them with shotgun fire). 

Anyway, Rugby World Cup soon, and that is a sport to get behind. The team doesn't embarrass us and neither do the fans. England Football team, please observe. 

Well, isn't this interesting....

Christopher Eccleston has finally spoken about why he REALLY left Doctor Who five years ago.... (link goes to the ever trust worthy BBC)

20 Week Scan Pt2

Well, after absorbing all, and taking a baseball bat to my scanner, I thought I'd share pics of Lauren's new little brother...


20 Week Scan

All is well and....

We're having...Collapse ) 

Cold Blood

I'm going to be deadly honest here - I was sort of running on empty with Doctor Who - but brilliant tonight - a few initial thoughts.

Cold Blood...Collapse ) 

Just Stuff...

I wanted to natter about my pregnancy today - I'm eighteen weeks now, so nearly half way. I've been feeling the baby move for the past two weeks, it's getting more active as the weeks go on, well, I say more active, but really I mean I am feeling the bubba more.

We've got a scan in a few weeks, so I'm hoping to find out what we are having.

My little girl is getting more and more independent all the time - she picks up stuff me and Rob do really quickly. She is so clever now - the health visitors say she is really advanced for a 15 month old and asked if we were pushing her to learn. We're not - she just wants to do stuff we do, it's a bit like younger siblings wanting to catch up to their big brother or sister. Lauren just seems to be really switched on. 

We're going to her cousin's first birthday party tomorrow - I'm not looking forward to it, my relationship with the outlaws is on dodgy ground at the moment.

Q&A Meme

- Leave a comment saying "Beam me up, Scotty!"
- I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
- Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
- Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

From sunnytyler001 

1. Where do you live in the UK (which town)?

Well, these days you can find me in Worthing, which is about 12 miles west of Brighton. It's a bit crappy, but I live in the expensive part of town. The main problem with this town are the over-60's and there driving licences - I'd revoke them all if I could. The other problem is old biddies stopping me in the bread aisle in Sainsbury's to squeeze my daughter's cheeks - she hates it. 

2. What's your dream job?

Well, I want to be a novelist, but I have no faith in my ability to write my own ideas. I've been told I'm good, but that's family member's telling me that, so bias much.

3. Rose versus Buffy- which one is your favourite?

Ouch - you evil lady. Oh dear God - at a pinch it would have to be Rose, but she only wins marginally. I think the main reason being that she really does fight for her true love. Angel leaves Buffy for LA, and not once does she really try to stop him - I mean, it's in the same bloody state, whereas Rose is stuck across a parallel universe, and boy does she fight for the Doctor. 

4. What's your opinion about Amy?

Any particular Amy, cos I have couple of friends called Amy who are lovely. Is there someone we mutually know who is Amy. I joke, I know you mean the new Miss Pond. Erm, a little bit flat, I don't connect with her. At least with the former companions of RTD's years I understood them, and I cared about them, and I'd be rooting for them. In all honesty, unless something dramatic happens and she suddenly gets a bit of a personality then I think she's a lost cause on me.

5. Favourite book?

Depends on my mood - I read a lot, and don't tend to have specific favourite books. Some of my more battered and often re-read books are The Time Travellers Wife (a given really), The Lady Elizabeth and The Host. Those are just three I can think off of the top of my head.

THE - Review for DW....

 I actually fell asleep turning DW last night, so no thoughts cos I missed the last forty minutes of it.


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