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So I have the NaNo bug!!! As a motivator I've been posting each chapter as done and popping it on my blogspot, then advertising on FB and Twitter what I was up to... and then I thought... I'll bring you guys the work too. 

So here goes. 

The Seraph Chronicles 

Briton has become a dangerous place since the murder of Edward IX, a popular King with a power hungry daughter.

Only a few member's of Briton's Elite Demon Tracking Team dare stand in the way of Kaleed, the new Queen's lover who has vowed war from his Hell Dimension on Earth and the Heavens for his incarceration over five thousand years ago.

As the murders and kidnaps unfurl, the DTU team find themselves teaming up with an immortal King, a vampire, a demon slayer and a Prince accused of murder. However, the answer lies within the team itself at the heart of Aracelle Serafino. 


Aracelle clicked her tongue. ‘A Seraph is a guardian of mankind,’ she said getting up and walking to her largest bookshelf. ‘It is where we get our modern interruption of Angels from. According to several Codex’s predating the idea of Angel’s, there are written reports of ethereal winged beings that lived among humans fighting side by side to thwart the demon’s that walked the Earth.’ 

She pulled a large book from the shelf and opened it to a page which contained an image that predated the writing of the book of Genesis. ‘This winged being is a Seraph, gone are the white wings, robes and halo that you would be used to, and replaced with coloured wings, in this case gold, holding light and fire to defeat the creatures of the night. The clothing you will note is contemporary of the era. 

‘It is said that Seraph’s would live as human’s by day and at night they would fight a furious battle to protect human kind,’ she concluded.

Chapter One: Family Heirlooms
Chapter Two: The Fallen
Chapter Three: Perfect Alignment
Chapter Four: Beasties and Other Wildlife

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Don't be a girl Merlin

Thoughts and Opinions....

 Right, gang, I have embarked upon writing my own original novel, and I'm relatively happy thus far, but I need some input on a particular moment. 

Yes, I have a sex scene - it's not graphic and it's suppose to be a romantic scene. Any and all input would be greatly received. 

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Don't be a girl Merlin

Good Night, Lis.

 And so with a heavy heart, we say goodnight to Elisabeth Sladen. Completely gutted, she was a damn fine woman and I think she was possibly the only stella decision RTD ever made in DW was to bring her back and give her SJA. 

RIP Lis, you will be terribly missed by us.
The Doctor After Midnight

Come on guys.

 Oh my God, what planet are some of you on? So DT's engaged, get over it and bloody well be happy for the guy. Nasty comments I've seen of late just do not fill me with hope for the world.
Don't be a girl Merlin

The End is in Sight,

 I'm embarking on what may possibly be my last foray into the Doctor and Rose's universe. Once my multichapter fic is finished, at the moment, I think that will be it. You know, I feel really sad about that in a way because I don't think the story ever really ends. I might produce one or two one shots while I write my multichapter work, but that will be it. 
Doctor and Rose Kiss

Fic: The Proposal

Fic: The Proposal
Fic Series: These Words Between Us
Characters: Rose Tyler, The Duplicate Tenth Doctor, Jackie Tyler (TenII/Rose)
Spoilers: Are we still classing Journey's End a spoiler?
Rating: Everyone - it's just fluff with a smattering of Angst
Summary: Waiting for the perfect moments  leads to things left unsaid.
A/N Unbeta'd all mistake mind, feel free to point them out. x

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Author's Notes: So, this is my first of fic in nearly a year (again). I'm working on my multiple chapter fic from this verse (I've been at this since about March last year, but pregnancy and then techincal issues prevented me doing anything constructive.)
Don't be a girl Merlin

I've been crap and tardy....

  .... yes, another vanishing act. But still, I come baring news - I'm not dead!!! 

I've been hiding due to a fucking awful pregnancy. Never again. I'm gonna chop his balls off I tell you, but that aside - I come baring this...

Yup, a pic of my new baby, Jamie Edward Harfield, who was born on the 14th October 2010 at 10.48 - he weighed 11lb 5oz.

He was born via an elective c-sec due to his size and also had some other complications which meant a natural delivery was impossible as there would have been a danger to our lives.

And this is Jamie and his big sister, Lauren (who's nearly 20 months now). 

Don't be a girl Merlin

Sexiest Vamps

A poll has been done in UK on the sexiest vamps on screen (both TV and movie).... and thank goodness, Angel is top. One glaring omission mind - where the fuck was Spike????